Arbor Skateboards is proud to release two additions to their Icon Downhill Series including the Prodigy and Cypher. These new offerings take the Arbor downhill program to a whole new level of excellence with the most technologically advanced skateboards they’ve ever brought to market. “We are really excited to be delivering high-performance downhill skateboards,” says Arbor Skateboards marketing director,Brad Farmer. “We feel like we nailed it with the Cypher and Prodigy. When designing these skateboards,we looked to our team and the functionality and performance these decks offer is a direct result of that.”

Arbor Icon Downhill Square

The Cypher was designed to be the ultimate freeride skateboard complete with drop-through mounting that contributes to a lower center of gravity to make it easier to break traction. It also features a generous amount of rocker to keep riders locked in and tapering gas pedals for aggressive leverage points. The Cypher has the Arbor waist line riders are used to,creating a deck that is perfect for solid slides with the feel of a tapered platform when in a tucking stance for improved grip and cornering.

The Prodigy was designed to be an aggressive Downhill race board that is also real fun to freeride. This skateboard features a multifaceted concave design that offers support and leverage where riders need it,creating the perfect blend between function and comfort. It features a 1/4 inch micro-drop,that is achieved over a very short distance. This allows riders to keep a lot of leverage over their trucks and to place their feet super close to the truck mounting similar to a top-mount style deck. The Prodigy features the same waist line as the Cypher and an aggressive tub concave in the middle of the board. This joined with the mellow W-cave,creates a perfect channel for the riders to rest their foot in while tucking which allows them the leverage they need. This translates to more control while cornering and ultimately increases the rate of speed that can be reached. Finally,flares on the ends of the waist line,create four points of contact between the concave and a riders foot at the toe,heel,and inner and outer arches.

Arbor Skateboards believes that the best skateboards are designed by people who actually ride them. Therefore,when they developed the Cypher and Prodigy,the most technologically advanced skateboards they have ever manufactured,they turned to a team of experts within.

As a mechanical engineering graduate from University of California San Diego,Arbor Skateboards team rider,Duke Degen played a big role in the development of the Cypher. “Having the opportunity to create this skateboard from the mold up was fantastic and allowed us to produce a board that performs on every single level,” says Duegen. “It truly is a board designed by skaters for skaters.”

The Prodigy was created in collaboration with engineer,George Cant and team riders,Max Myers and James Kelly at the Arbor Snowboards factory in Austria. “Working with creative and experienced minds like James and George made the dream of this well-crafted skateboard come true,” says Myers. “Top that with the use of new pressing techniques and materials,and this board delivers beyond any of its competitors.”

You can check out the new Arbor Cypher and Prodigy Skateboard on their website at

The Arbor Cypher

The Arbor Prodigy

Prodigy Video with Eric Singer 

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