The Real Wood Topsheet

Arbor has been using Real Wood topsheets in our snowboards since 1995. The Arbor Roots line including the Wasteland,Roundhouse,Element,Element Mini,Coda,Swoon,Abacus and A-Frame and the Icon lineincluding the Westmark,Blacklist,Draft,Draft Mini,Cadence,Relapse and Del Rey all use Real Wood.

Clip . . . →Read More:The Real Wood Topsheet

Arbor Snowboards Boreal Sessions

Arbor Snowboards team riders,Ian Sams,Erik Leon,ScottyVine,Mariah Dugan,Sammy Spiteri,and Brandon Hammid hooked up near Lake Tahoe,California for the Boreal Sessions! The park crew at Boreal Mountain built some creative set ups and the Arbor team laid down proper trick after proper trick. Good times with a great . . . →Read More:Arbor Snowboards Boreal Sessions

Arbor Snowboards FACE/OFF at Boreal


On April 15th,2012 Arbor Snowboard’s FACE/OFF event was held at Boreal Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe. Some of the riders included the defending champ from last year’s FACE/OFF event,Erik Leon,along with Ben Ross,Kai Wiggens,Colton Morgan,Alex Hereford,Jeremy (Lemi) Landy,Jordan Welter and other standouts. The battle for first place . . . →Read More:Arbor Snowboards FACE/OFF at Boreal

Van Delirium Episode 2

Van Delirium Episode 2

The bizarre adventures continue for the Van Delirium crew as they make their way to Mt. Hood,Oregon for some quick laps and backyard sessions at the Summits. Then they head off to Stevens Pass,Washington for a couple days of backcountry fun (imagine rail kids in the backcountry.) Things get weird for . . . →Read More:Van Delirium Episode 2

ARBOR News:2 New Amazing Videos

Arbor Snowboards sent a deep crew of riders to Hot Dawgz &Hand Rails including last year’s winner,Nick Visconti as well as Ian Sams,Scotty Vine and Cody Boan. This is their vision of Bear Mountain’s Hot Dawgz &Hand Rails much of which was shot through the eye of a Red . . . →Read More:ARBOR News:2 New Amazing Videos

ARBOR Europe Distribution News:Flux Bindings 2012 web launch!!!

Flux Bindings 2012 –Web Launch Unserer Freunde von Flux gehen mit den neuen Bindungen für kommende Saison online!!! Checkt sie aus unter oder liked sie auf der Facebook Fanpage von Flux – . . . →Read More:ARBOR Europe Distribution News:Flux Bindings 2012 web launch!!!