Arbor Skateboards:Get Elevated 2012 Episode 1


The Arbor Skateboards team is back on the road for Get Elevated 2012. In episode 1,they start their trek up the coast of California. Rising bright and early at Skate House in Los Angeles,they take off into the interior valley on their way up the Pacific Coast Highway. Follow along as . . . →Read More:Arbor Skateboards:Get Elevated 2012 Episode 1

Arbor Skateboards:Get Elevated 2012 The Teaser


Arbor Skateboards is preparing to release the followup to their successful Get Elevated video series released in 2011 with Get Elevated 2012. Follow James Kelly,Kody Noble,Max Myers,Duke Degen,Jimmy Riha,Adam Crigler,Kelly Carter,Casey Morrow,Eric Singer,Tyler Howell and all of their friends as they pack into a . . . →Read More:Arbor Skateboards:Get Elevated 2012 The Teaser


Arbor Skateboards is proud to release two additions to their Icon Downhill Series including the Prodigy and Cypher. These new offerings take the Arbor downhill program to a whole new level of excellence with the most technologically advanced skateboards they’ve ever brought to market. “We are really excited to be delivering high-performance . . . →Read More:THE NEW CYPHER AND PRODIGY SKATEBOARDS

Arbor’s 2011 Skateboard Line Is Now Available

The Arbor Collective is pleased to announce that its 2011 line of skateboards is now available. Arbor continues to develop sustainable riding solutions that blend responsible materials,next-level technology and real world art into the best designs available. “Today we offer a wider range of products and perspective than at any time in our past,” says Arbor Skateboards President,Bob Carlson. Arbor is presenting five series of skateboards including the Carver,Concrete,Mini,Roller and Freeride Collections offering something for everyone. “We are very excited about the variety of skateboards in the line and what we feel is the best artist and graphic presentation yet,” says Carlson. “There are several new decks within our collections that we truly feel rounds out our entire offering.” . . . →Read More:Arbor’s 2011 Skateboard Line Is Now Available

Bring Me The Vugenhausen

Arbor Skateboards freeride team riders Eric Singer,Max Myers,Kody Noble and James Kelly set out on a quest to find the storied Vügenhausen. It was thought it be a fairy tale,a legend,a myth,but it turns out this ultimate weapon of downhill skateboarding is real and it’s now available at Arbor Skateboards dealers across the world. When you come to the point where nothing else is powerful enough and fast enough,it’s time to seek the Arbor Vügenhausen because what you don’t know can hurt you. Check out James Kelly’s weapon of choice in this new Arbor Skateboards video. . . . →Read More:Bring Me The Vugenhausen


Venice,CA –January 21,2011 -* Arbor Skateboards is proud to welcome James Kelly to their freeride skateboard team. “We couldn’t be more stoked to be bringing one of the best skateboarders in the quickly growing freeride/downhill scene onto the Arbor team,”says Arbor’s team director,Brad Farmer. “James has a lot of natural talent and his understanding of what it takes to market himself as a modern athlete is key to this new partnership. We are excited to have his influence on the evolution of our freeride/downhill product lines and on our developing team.” . . . →Read More:ARBOR SKATEBOARDS WELCOMES JAMES KELLY TO THE FAMILY!