AT EQUILIBRIUM –High Definition Download ONLINE on –and WIN

blickinsfreie | Cinematography &Photography by René Eckert

dear friends &snowboarders,

we would like to announce that we have released the high definition download of our new snowboard documentary “At Equilibrium”on

you can download the movie by clicking on the donation button in the left button corner on the following link:

all people downloading the movie take also part in a competition to win great prices.

1) The 111th download wins a HIGH RES PHOTO SELECTION

(Please note:digitally provided)

2) The 333rd download wins a BLICKINSFREIE HD MOVIE PACKAGE

(Please note:digitally provided)

3) The 666th download wins a RIPZONE T-SHIRT &LONGSLEEVE

(Please note:Shipment is only included if the winner has a postal adress in Europe.)

4) The 999th download wins a PRIVATE CONCERT BY PLAYFELLOW

(Please note:Concert can only be performed within Germany which means the winner has to be a German based citizen.)

i´m sure not many people won a live concert of a great band like “playfellow”by downloading a movie. well,here you have the chance now!


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