ARBOR News:2 New Amazing Videos

Arbor Snowboards sent a deep crew of riders to Hot Dawgz &Hand Rails including last year’s winner,Nick Visconti as well as Ian Sams,Scotty Vine and Cody Boan. This is their vision of Bear Mountain’s Hot Dawgz &Hand Rails much of which was shot through the eye of a Red Camera

A Red Camera Vision Of Bear Mountain\’s HDHR

“In snowboarding,I believe imagination and creativity go hand and hand. Potential for creativity is everywhere,but people need to learn to recognize it by using their minds. I’ll never stop imagining or creating,because to me,that’s what makes snowboarding fun. The 2010/2011 winter was my favorite so far —I met amazing people AND had a great time. Every winter gets better,and I can’t wait to start the next one.”–Scotty Vine

Full Part:Scotty Vine

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