Filmpermiere “AT EQUILIBRIUM” – by Rene Eckert

AT EQUILIBRIUM presented by RIPZONE EUROPE and BIGAIRBAG is the newest treasure of Blickinsfreie´s eastern European snowboard documentaries.

After “Poland – A snowboard documentary“,“Slovaki A true movie about snowboarding”and last years highlight “From Romania with Love”this documentary deals with the passionate people developing snowboarding in Bulgaria. Each one of those movies has it’s own direction,it’s own heroes who may not necessarily be known to a larger audience but that all creates our common history.
AT EQUILIBRIUM makes clear that we are all one big family with every little part worth to get to know.

Already the movie title says everything. The people representing the local scene are just unbelievable balanced and real which makes this movie undoubtful to the highlight of the series.

This years flick is featuring riders from more than 7 different countries including big names MARC SWOBODA,DAREK BERGMANN,GIGI RÜF,DANNY LARSEN or THOMAS FRANC. Merging that many different cultures,languages as well as riding levels has never been more interesting before.
Western PROFESSIONALSIM meets eastern PASSION – the perfect mixture for a UNIQUE STORY.

AT EQUILIBRIUM will be premiered on a tour throughout Europe between October and December 2010. By the end of the year the movie will be available as HIGH DEFINITION DOWNLOAD here on WWW.BLICKINSFREIE.DE - Don´t miss it!

Furthermore Blickinsfreie is already looking for sponsors for our upcoming project in Iran. If this seems to be interesting to you and your company please get in touch with us or support our project straight on

(Music:“Penumbrella”from the album “Penumbra”by “Play Fellow”)

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